New Look has come has a long way with their plus size range. My wish list basket currently has over 49 items and counting yes I have a problem. However this lust list will focus on what i’m currently obsessed with and will most likely purchase.

New Look Plus Size lust list

1) Wide Fit Silver Chunky Loafers: I’m currently obsessed with metallic colours and these loafers were designed to stand out. The strip front adds a cute finishing touch to the shoe.

2) Curves Grey Chiffon Back Longline Top: I wear longline causal chiffon tops in every season and grey is one of the staple colours I wear during autumn and winter.

3) Wide Fit Grey Marble Block Heels: Do I need to say more? Seriously?! What I love most about this shoe is the block heel, which makes it oh so comfortable!

4) Curves White Stripe Print Cold Shoulder Shirt: Have you seen my previous post? I kinda have a thing for stripes. However the cold shoulders is what really got my attention.

5) Curves Blue Ripped Jeans: I currently do not own a pair a causal fit ripped jean and this is something I would consider.

8) Curves Grey Belted Longline Coat: I’m kinda addicted to formal coats. I purchased a grey one from Primark last year which I still have. However what makes this one interesting is the split hem, which is ideal for everyday looks.

What Item is your favourite?


Plus size Stripe Dress Dorothy Perkins - Creativ Junkie

When I decided to take my blog seriously I had no job and to be blunt it was one of the lowest times of my life. However I could always rely on the excuses I told myself.. “I have no money to buy new clothes “,“I cant keep up with the latest trends with no income”. Truth be told whatever chicken change I had would always go to my boys because ultimately they come first. Their happiness was and still is priority to me.

One day when I clearing my closet I came across this striped dress that I brought from Dorothy Perkins almost 3 years ago. I think I’ve only wore it once at my friends leaving party ahh good times and then it hit me …..“Start with what you have Maryam“, to some people this may be obvious but to me it was like a light bulb went on in my head.

Plus size Stripe Dress Dorothy Perkins - Creativ Junkie

My excuses kept me from starting. If I waited for that prefect most trendiest dress I probably would have taken longer to re-start blogging or probably not start at all. What I know for sure is that sometimes there’s no such thing as a prefect moment or dress, if you really want to do something then just go for it!


Shoes: Aldo

Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Sunglasses: Primark

Photographer: Aya Watanabe

So whats stopping you from starting something?


I purchased this dress months ago from ASOS curve but it was only recently that I decided to wear it. I never really knew this before but pink does actually compliment my complexion. Whoever said plus size women shouldn’t wear colour  is a liar! This blush of pink dress is super stretchy and comfortable, which I love.
A Touch of Pink - Plus size pink dress - Creativ Junkie

A Touch of Pink - Plus size pink dress - Creativ Junkie

plus size pink dress - Creativ Junkie

Dress : Asos Curve

Shoes: Newlook

Photographer: Aya Watanabe


I feel it’s something that is always there, something you’re born with that gets lost along the way, or stolen by others. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find it again. ~Amy Lee Tempest

Confidence has always been a challenge for me and sometimes still is (It’s called being human) for the longest time I’ve found it hard to believe that I could do most of the things I wanted to do.

I knew I wanted to start blogging but took years procrastinating about it and more years finding my voice

I wanted to start my own clothing brand but was terrified of failing.

I wanted to pursue being a songwriter but never thought my songs were good enough.

I would like to think that I’m not alone in these thoughts and maybe you can relate to the feeling of wanting to do something but scared to do so. Sometimes the thing that limits us in life is also the thing that can stop us from making a positive impact in the world. Working on my confidence has not only helped with how I see myself but also how I see the world.


New Hashtag Alert

I’ve added #ConfidenceEqualsMe to my Instagram arsenal. The hashtags represents moments of where we celebrate or acknowledge confidence. Use this for moments where you feel most happy, good about yourself or even someone around you.





Top: Primark / Denim Shorts: Dorothy Perkins/ Photographer : Aya Watanabe  /Make up: Olivia Salubi / Shoes: Aldo

Deep down I’m a jeans and shorts kinda girl – I felt super comfortable in these pair from Dorothy Perkins and the colour of the top really compliments my skin tone. Hello Summer!


Last night I hosted my very first plus size fashion twitter chat with The Blogger Bees.  A topic that’s close to my heart for obvious reasons but also a topic I feel is not discussed often enough. It’s true that plus size fashion has come a long way with the likes of brands such as Asos, New look, Forever 21, Boohoo and Dorothy Perkins and River Island creating collections just for the curvy and fabulous but as an industry we still have a longer way to go. This chat gave me insight to what bloggers really think of the plus size fashion industry.


How is the Plus Size Fashion Viewed by the fashion world - Creativ Junkie

The feedback I received for this question was interesting, for the most part people do acknowledge how the fashion world does acknowledge the plus size fashion industry. However this is not always reflected in-store and almost non-existent in high fashion according to some bloggers.


What are the most common misconceptions about plus sized women - Creativ Junkie

Sizing seems to be the most discussed in this question. A few bloggers think that some brands still have a ‘one size fits all’ mentality, forgetting the short and tall girl. Another misconception mentioned was all plus size women are not confident, lazy and unhealthy. Just because you have more meat doesn’t mean your unhealthy!


Is the term plus size a true description of clothing for full figured women - Creativ Junkie


There was a time when the term plus size use to mean maxi dresses and unflattering t-shirts. Now brands are starting to realise its so much more than that. I cant wait for the day when I can just walk into the store and see my size as just a size with no curve or plus size label attached to it.


What are your favourite plus size brands - Creativ Junkie

Based on the feedback I received ASOS, H&M and Target came up on top for plus size fashion trends. However the wasn’t many people who actually wore plus size clothing in the twitter chat.


What do you think the future of plus size fashion will look like - Creativ Junkie


The future is looking bright for plus size fashion, everyone seemed optimistic of the direction it should go. For the most part a lot of people would like to see just as much options in-store as online.

I think brands sometimes forget that we want to have the shopping experience just like everyone else, and we probably have the money too!  A few people also mentioned that brands would hopefully  start using real women for their models, as well as plus size mannequins.

I was really anxious to host this twitter chat and even though I promoted it like crazy person on twitter and Instagram and Facebook, part of me was scared no one would turn up. However, my mind was made up… I was all in.. this is something I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time. I received great feedback from the people that participated and blogger bees girls even welcomed me to do another one.


Can I be honest with you?  Like really honest? ….. I started blogging back in 2009. My Blog was called Sparkmarz, the name came from when I was 17. I use to call up this local radio station  called ‘Bless Fm’  and my radio name was ‘LadySparkz’, that name kinda stuck with me. Years later one of my university friends ( Hey Dani B!) gave me the nickname of Marz, thus came the birth of Sparkmarz.  Clearly it was a name like no other and I was super excited to welcome everyone into my world.

I started that blog with so much passion and enthusiasm but some how along the way I found myself getting lost. I started to compare myself to other bloggers, copying what they did and lost my voice and purpose in the process. It was a sad time and for the most part I felt like a failure (I lost my mojo). Soon after that my desire to blog faded away, blogging wasn’t fun any more and eventually I stopped. Creativ Junkie is not just a blog to me, its a daily reminder to always do what I love and passionate about; even when life gets in the way.
6 months life and blog goals - Creativ Junkie


I want the next months to be full of growth and new milestones, here’s to the next productive 6 months!


Quality VS Quantity 

I would rather take my time and post quality content that could help or inspire people, then post everyday for the sake of it. In the past I would put alot of pressure on myself to post everyday and before I knew it blogging felt more like a job than a passion Never again! What I know for sure is that quality content takes time and I need to allow myself to have time to let my creative juices flow.


Business Cards

New theme, new logo, new look – Business cards are long over due. Especially when I plan to attend press days and blogger events.


4 Social Media Platforms Only

I want to focus on the social media platforms that I get the most interactions from and grow following on there. Currently  that’s Pinterest,  TwitterInstagram & Facebook, this doesn’t mean I’ll forget about Youtube, Bloglovin & Snapchat (sparkmarz87 add me!) but moving forward I would rather work SMART than hard.


Posting Twice a week

Posting twice a week would give me enough time to research and share things that are worth talking about. The goal here is to be stress free because stress kills creativity!


Take More Photos

Using stock photo’s is great and everything but I have this fancy DSLR camera and hardly using it to its full potential. One of the things I really want to learn is creating flatlays photos…ahh exciting times ahead!


Open Shop

I’ve always wanted to create t-shirt line, I have spent the past 5 years researching and procrastinating about it. I made a promise to myself that  by the end of the year I will have everything ready for me to launch.


That’s about it for my 6 months goals, what are your goals?